In Stock & Re-Makes

-A remake means purchasing a replica of the item that was made previously and is now out of stock. These items are not in-stock and will have to be created. Sizing can be customized, however, the color and any other changes will require the purchase of a custom. Please allow all remakes to be completed in 4-5 weeks. 

-In-stock items are completed and ready to ship.

Show Pads & Ranch Pads

-Show pads are heavier, thicker, & tightly woven. Weighting about 8.5 pounds and 3/4” thick. Most show pad designs are simpler shapes like zig-zags, lines, squares, diamonds, and so on. These pads are gorgeous and mostly seen, but not limited to, the reining, western pleasure, reined cow horse, and ranch riding show pen. All show pads require a work/under pad of your choice. Each pad comes with an EM Custom Show Pads stamped leather wear & a plastic zipper bag.

-Both Show Pads and Ranch Pads are all hand woven on a loom!

-Ranch pads are more lightweight, thinner, & even more tightly woven. Weighting about 6.5 pounds and 1/2” thick. Ranch pads are woven on a different loom from the Show Pads allowing for more of an intricate design throughout the pad. Due to the detail in a ranch pad, it does take longer to create. These pads are great for all disciplines but are seen mainly in ranch riding, cutting, cow horse, roping, trail, and much more.

-Both Show Pads and Ranch Pads are all hand woven on a loom!


-Thanks for placing an order! Let's talk next steps. Once an order is placed, EM Custom Show Pads will begin to process it, you will then receive an email with the order details along with shipping and tracking details. All pads are dropped off at our local shipping store every Tuesday and Thursday.

Rush Options

-Absolutely! There are options to get a pad rushed. This is available for both
customs and re-makes. There is a $65 rush fee, simply add the fee to your cart when making your purchase. Please put the date you’re needing the pad by. Rush fees will expedite the creation time from 4-5 weeks to 2-3 weeks.

-There is also a way to expedite a shipment through our website. It’s as simple as clicking the appropriate shipping option at check out.

Sizing Info

-This completely depends on how your horse is built.

-Our in-stock show pads measure 34”x42” and are the most popular size option that allows more of the pad to be seen.

-Our in-stock ranch pads measure 34”x40”, this is the most popular in the ranch pads, it’s a bit smaller for the disciplines that require more leg contact while showing.

-Most work/under pads are 32” in spine length, which allows 1” on the front and back for the pad to cover up the work pad.

-If you have a smaller horse or a rider with shorter legs we can definitely
customize the dimensions across the barrel of the horse to meet your

-Most definitely! All we ask is that you put the dimensions in the notes sections at check out. Please use the format below when sending over custom dimensions.

Length dimenstions X Width Dimensions


-We allow returns on all in stock pads. Returns are NOT allowed on re-makes or customs.

-Pads must be unused and in original condition for a refund through means of STORE CREDIT within 30 days of delivery date. Customer is responsible for shipping and related costs of the pad back to EM Custom Show Pads and for the shipping and related costs on the new pad purchased. Once we receive and check that the product is unused and in its original condition prior to being delivered to the customer, a store credit will be issued. No refunds in the means of monetary reimbursements will be made.

-Custom pads cannot be returned and will not be refunded. All Sales are Final. EM Custom Show Pads is not responsible for damage, improper care, or improper sizing provided by the customer prior to or after the sale of pad.