the heart horse collection

the heart horse collection

Inspired by the deep bond between riders and their equine partners, this special collection celebrates the cherished relationship with our "heart horses." These are the horses that have touched our souls, taught us invaluable lessons, and stood by us through every ride and stride.

Each pad in the Heart Horse Collection is meticulously designed to capture the essence of these beloved equine companions. From the spirited personalities to the unforgettable moments shared together, every detail is crafted with love and admiration.

celebrate your heart horse

Step 1: Share Your Heart Horse Story
Tell us about your heart horse and submit your story through the Heart Horse Collection form on the EM Custom Show Pads website.

Step 2: Selection Process
Our team will review submissions and choose the most compelling stories for the collection. Each selected individual will receive a $50 EM Custom Show Pads gift certificate.

Step 3: Custom Design
Work with Emma to create a custom pad reflecting your horse's essence.

Step 4: Limited Edition Release
Custom Heart Horse Collection pads will be available for a limited time on our website and at shows.

Submit your heart horse

Please include the following information:

- Your location & your horse's location

- Horse's Registered & Barn Name

- How long you have owned the horse

- What events you compete in with your horse

- Your story with your heart horse

- Why you & your horse should be selected

- Any social media accounts you may post your horse on (tiktok, instagram, facebook)- we want to follow along with your journey!

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